Functional Capacity Evaluations
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Functional Capacity Evaluations

8 Hour FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation)
6 hour FCE:
4 hour FCE:
2 hour FCE:
On-site FCE:
Brief Return-to-Work Evaluations:
A current position description is always useful for the FCE. If one is not available, a Job Analysis should be completed prior to the FCE.

Ergonomic Evaluations

A one-on one evaluation of a workers work place to prevent, reduce or eliminate work site pain and discomfort that has been identified as work station related.
The current supervisor is invited to attend the session. Post evaluation training is provided.

Job Analysis Evaluations

A one on one evaluation of the position requirements as the relate to Core and Secondary activitiy. The analysis report is completed and forwarded within 2 business days. All job analysis are based upon a current job description.
  • All job analysis reports are generic for the position as opposed to the individual.
  • All job analysis reports are reviewed with the Supervisor.
  • All job analysis reports are confidential via HIPA
  • Case Management Services

    Case management services are available via request of the respective carrier. Services are available via a negotiated fee basis.